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October 15, 2016 at 4:00 pm

An Evening with Ann Magnuson

Writer, actress, musician and performance artist, Ann Magnuson, will visit Franklin Street Works for a casual conversation about her boundary-pushing, three-decade career.

As part of Franklin Street Works’ programming for their current exhibition Danger Came Smiling: Feminist Art and Popular Music, curated by Maria Elena Buszek, we will host genre-bending, counter-culture legend Ann Magnuson for a casual conversation about her work.

Ann Magnuson is a writer/actress/singer/musician/performer whose eclectic resume traverses the entertainment landscape like few others. She has acted in Hollywood blockbusters, Off-Broadway plays, TV sitcoms and indie films, fronted various bands, written for numerous publications and has presented her original performance art pieces at several major museums.

The event is free to the public and takes place at Franklin Street Works on Saturday, October 15 from 4:00 – 6:30 pm. Magnuson will talk with Franklin Street Works Creative Director, Terri C. Smith, and those in attendance from 4:15 – 5:15 followed by social time where beer, wine, coffee and snacks will be available for sale at the Franklin Street Works Café. Those attending will enjoy post-talk tunes spun by WPKN DJ Douglas Hovey, who will design a special set inspired by Magnuson and her work. WPKN 89.5 listener supported community radio is the media sponsor for this event.

Ann Magnuson, who is based in Los Angeles, is an exhibiting artist in Franklin Street Works’ current group show “Danger Came Smiling,” which brings together work by contemporary artists who use popular music as a medium, subject, and reference point for feminist messages. As part of the show, Magnuson is exhibiting two of her videos from the 1980s, Made for TV (1984) and Vandemonium, which Cinemax aired as part of its alternative programming in 1987. This is a rare east coast appearance for Magnuson, who also will perform songs from her new album “Dream Girl” as part of “Dream Sequencing: An Evening with Ann Magnuson” at The Museum of Modern Art in New York City on Monday October 17, at 7:00 pm.

Prior to her visit Magnuson will call in on WPKN to discuss her new album and other music projects with WPKN DJ Valerie Richardson, Tuesday October 4, at 6:00 pm. Along with Terri C Smith, they will discuss the “Danger Came Smiling” exhibition and explore Ann Magnuson’s past music projects, which have included: the sardonic folk trio Bleaker Street Incident; her heavy metal band, Vulcan Death Grip; and the psycho-psychedelic band, Bongwater with whom she released five albums and gained an international cult following that remains rabid today. In addition to her September 2016 release of Dream Girl, Magnuson has released two previous solo albums, The Luv Show (Geffen 1995) and Pretty Songs & Ugly Stories (Asphodel 2007).

Special thanks to event media sponsor WPKN!

October 24, 2016 at 4:30 pm

Artist Talk by Xaviera Simmons at UConn-Stamford

Artist Xaviera Simmons will discuss her work Monday, October 24 from 4:30 – 6:00 pm in room 108 at UConn-Stamford (just down the block from Franklin Street Works at the corner of Franklin St. and Broad St.).  Xaviera Simmons is currently in Franklin Street Works exhibition “Danger Came Smiling: Feminist Art and Popular Music.” This event is sponsored by UConn-Stamford’s Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies program and Franklin Street Works.

Xaviera Simmons completed a BFA in Photography from Bard College after spending two years of walking pilgrimage retracing the Atlantic Slave Trade. She participated in the studio program of the Whitney ISP while also completing a 2 year actor training conservatory with The Maggie Flanigan Studio. Xaviera has exhibited nationally and internationally where major exhibitions and performances include The Museum of Modern Art, MoMA PS1, Nouveau Museum National de Monaco, The Studio Museum in Harlem, The Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, The Public Art Fund, The Kitchen, and The Sculpture Center. Simmons is a recipient of numerous awards including The David Driskell Prize, The Jerome Foundation Travel Fellowship, an Art Matters Fellowship, and a SmARTPower Fellowship. Simmons was a 2012 AIR at The Studio Museum in Harlem.



October 26, 2016 at 5:00 pm

David Livingston, “Vote Your Conscience” at the Ferguson Library

Franklin Street Works is collaborating with The Ferguson Library– Stamford’s public library, The Aspen Institute and New Haven artist, David Livingston, on “Vote Your Conscience,” which is a site-specific, interactive artwork that is part of the Ferguson Library’s contribution to the Aspen Institute’s “What every American should know” initiative. For this artwork, Livingston will direct and produce a seemingly patriotic video with all the pomp of a political ad, but with only vague indicators of any real political messaging. A posted sign with questions for visitors will accompany the video. These components are designed to intimate a perspective of privilege and aim to encourage passerby and library users to write potentially dissenting thoughts from each person’s unique perspective, including concerns about our country’s challenges and areas where it may fall short.

The installation will be on view starting October 26 and the comments left by visitors will inform a political speech that Livingston will give at the library on Saturday, December 3 from 3:00 – 4:00pm, followed by cocktails and coffee at Franklin Street Works. On November 17, Livingston, involved library staff, and curator, Terri C Smith, will have a public meet-and-greet/think tank coffee at Franklin Street Works’ cafe at 10:00 am to discuss the audience answers gathered at the project’s halfway point.

“Vote Your Conscious” is, in part, an extension of David Livingston’s past public performances during his project “The Candidacy” where he ran for Alderman in New Haven and continues his exploration of the relationship between psychology and politics. David Livingston, who has exhibited nationally, works in sculpture and performance that include public happenings. He received his MFA from Pratt and is an adjunct professor at University of New Haven and Gateway Community College.


October 29, 2016 at 10:30 am

“Living Memorial” a community engagement artist project that explores how communities contribute to shared space and memory

“Living Memorial” is a community engagement with artists Floor Grootenhuis and Erin Turner that explores how communities contribute to shared space and memory, aiming to create a living archive around this theme. Two sessions of the workshop will take place Saturday, October 29 from 10:30 am -1:30pm and from 2:00 – 5:00. Groups will meet at Franklin Street Works. To sign up email info@franklinstreetworks.org.

The event is organized by Franklin Street Works and Social Practice Queens MFA program at Queens College in collaboration with Mill River Park.  This community event leads up to Franklin Street Works’ upcoming benefit part “Art Activism: Celebrating Socially Conscious Art,” and the event’s documentation, collaborative map, and clay objects will become part of the party’s on-site exhibition.

For “Living Memorial” people in the Stamford area are invited join artists Grootenhuis and Turner in two three-hour sessions that includes the following activities:

1. Silent observation of the surrounding spaces of Franklin Street Works, Mill River Park and the walk between the two — both places are historic and have been restored, lending them contemporary and historic relevance.

2. A discussion with Stamford historian(s) and invited individuals with an expertise in urban planning and environmental practices.

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3. A group conversation prompted by artists Grootenhuis and Turner that asks how the community views the landscape, the body in the landscape, and how communities contribute to a shared space and memory.

4. A sharing of photos and narratives brought by participants to the collaboration.

5. (Session 1) the group creation of a map of the explored areas that includes narratives, photographs and ephemera. This creative cartographic exercise will be examined (after the construction of the map) as a contrast to actual maps of the area, highlighting how the input of our creative and emotional selves influences the conceptualization of the landscape we exist in it. (Session 2) The creation of clay objects that relate to place, memory, observation and aspiration.

Grootenhuis and Turner believe that to understand site, one must understand the seriality of losses and gains, as they relate to the occupation and dissolution of an ever-evolving landscape. They look forward to collaborating with the community in Stamford to better understand their conceptualization of place and space, and the historical realizations that come to fruition! The artists plan to build an online platform where people can contribute freely and access this collective living archive.

To find out more details or to RSVP please email terri@franklinstreetworks.org. Drop-ins welcome if space is available.


Born in Nairobi, Kenya, Floor Grootenhuis is a New York City-based artist. Her graduate studies in human geography at the University of Amsterdam opened up her exploration of how people, cultures and connections coexist across the world. After a decade of working in developing countries and humanitarian response she started creating art based on her experiences. Her current interest involves collaborative and participatory installations made from recycled, everyday objects and simple materials. Her art is inspired by the places in which she has worked and lived, ranging from Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia and Afghanistan to Barcelona, Jakarta and now New York City. Actively connecting to people and the everyday is a core theme in her work. Her works have been shown at the National Academy Museum in New York, FiveMyles Gallery in Brooklyn, Centre de Cultura Contemporània in Barcelona, Jakarta, and the Clio Art Fair in Chelsea. Floor’s pieces live in private collections in Kenya, South Africa, Australia, USA, Thailand, Indonesia and the Netherlands. www.fgrasa.com

Erin Turner is a site-specific installation artist who was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Inspired by travel, landscape, and weather, she has installed her work across the globe in locations such as the Grand Canyon, the Cahokia Mounds, the Mohave Desert, Moab, Chicago, Kansas City, San Francisco, New York, Oklahoma, India, Thailand, Saint Guilhem le Desert, The Netherlands, and Argentina. She is interested in the examination of the concept of landscape as it relates to the symbolic, the cultural, and the historic. Her work ranges from sculpture and light, installation, painting, photography, video, and collaborative dance and performance. Interconnectivity, ecology, and sustainability are at the basis of her current investigations.

She has attended Pratt Institute, Escola de la Llotja, Barcelona, The University of Tulsa, and La Universidad del Museo Social Argentino, Buenos Aires, with emphasis in the visual arts and arts education with prison and post-prison populations. She has worked with a variety of organizations and contemporary art centers and festivals such as Tierraviva NGO in Argentina, CODA Museum in The Netherlands, SCOPE International Gallery Festival, NYC, The Tulsa Performing Arts Center, The Living Arts of Tulsa, Tanguey Studio France, This Land Press, Cain’s Ballroom, and the Tulsa Children’s Museum. She is currently based out of Brooklyn, NY. www.eturnerinstal.com


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Social Practice Queens (SPQ) is a unique MFA concentration bringing together the resources of an academic research institution, Queens College (City University of New York: CUNY), with the long-standing community-based activism of the Queens Museum.

The new MFA concentration in social practice integrates studio work with social, tactical, interventionist and cooperative forms. SPQ’s goal is to initiate interdisciplinary projects with real world outcomes rooted in CUNY’s rigorous departmental offerings (e.g.: urban studies, environmental science, public policy, experimental pedagogy, social theory) in tandem with the Queens Museum’s ongoing community-based activities.


Mill River Park Collaborative is a 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to create and sustain a world-class park in Downtown Stamford. The board of the Collaborative includes representation from the City of Stamford, Stamford Partnership, Downtown Special Services District, the West Side and Downtown communities, Urban Redevelopment Commission, the corporate community and Stamford at large. The Collaborative was established as a public/private partnership that would “provide collaborative leadership in creating and sustaining a successful Mill River Park.”

October 30, 2016 at 1:00 pm

Activists Make a Tool Kit for Public Events with Artists Pedro Felipe Vintimilla and Julian Phillips

Join artists Pedro Felipe Vintimilla and Julian Phillips for an A.I.M. inspiration workshop designed by Vintimilla and documented with video and photography by Phillips on October 30 from 1:00 – 5:00pm at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church (1231 Washington Blvd, Stamford, CT 06901). A.I.M. (Artistic Inspiration Methods) is a four-hour workshop that will bring together activists and artists in a series of experimental physical, writing and drawing exercises as a starting point for stimulating inspiration and creativity. To sign up email info@franklinstreetworks.org.

While the event is open to the public, Franklin Street Works has invited activist organizations they’ve worked with in the LGBTQ and Immigrant Rights communities to join the artists and create a visual tool kit they can use in their public sphere activist work. Both artists are currently MFA students at Queens College Social Practice Queens Program, and the workshop is organized by Franklin Street Works as part of it’s November 12th fundraising event “Art Activism: Celebrating Socially Conscious Art.”

During the workshop, participants will reflect on their personal experience, their relationship with society, and their life of activism. Participants will be encouraged to bring a personal object that represents their past or childhood as a point of departure. Those in attendance will be introduced to elements and principles of artistic production in order to streamline ideas and visually channel their goals, concepts, and vision. The artists will create a creative environment that encourages finished products such as masks, posters, murals and more to be completed during the workshop.

In addition to living on as materials for public activist events, the objects and artworks produced, along with Phillips’ video artwork inspired by the event, will become part of the exhibition area at Franklin Street Works’ benefit party, which is themed around activism and will honor three activist artists Andrea Bowers, Chitra Ganesh and Mariam Ghani. This thematic exhibition at the benefit party site will bring the important work of local activist groups to a new audience, connecting art and activism in an organic, grass roots manner. After the party, the banners, signs, and murals will be returned to the activist groups who made them for future activities.

Project documentation will be in the form of photography, and video and audio recording. The purpose of this will be to capture the sense of the creative process the participants’ experience. Only participants who agree in writing to be part of the documentation will be included in Julian Phillips’ multimedia artwork.


A.I.M. Inspiration’s mission is to promote, through art, a society reflective of its reality and sensitive to its surroundings. In which individuals can find their own space and can recognize themselves as members of the collective. A.I.M. Inspiration is built in four fundamental concepts: sensibility, ingenuity, collaboration and experimentation. Participants are encouraged to allow themselves at each stage to step out of their comfort zone and experience these concepts in order to stimulate a flow of creative ideas. A.I.M. is an organization started by Pedro Felipe Vintimilla, who received bachelor degrees in communications and visual arts in Ecuador and the U.S., is a multidisciplinary artist based in New York City.



Julian Louis Phillips is a New York based artist and photographer. He primarily inquires about social issues through, photography, video, and performance. The themes of race, identity, poverty, and religion are throughout his work. Generally his questions seek to find the persisting nature of societal problems and its constructs. Julian graduated from Saint Joseph’s University, after studying Studio Art and Psychology. He leads discussions and lectures on race and art throughout the northeast.