Exhibition Exploring Erasure – Title TBD

Terri Smith

On view from September 21, 2019 – Jan 26, 2020, Franklin Street Works fall group exhibition (Title TBD) is curated by Danilo Machado and examines relationships between the erasure of text through cross-out, redaction, and white out and the erasure of bodies through policy, norms, and violence. One of the aims of the show is to blur distinctions between obscuring and revealing, showing how acts of erasure can subvert notions of authority. It will focus on ideas of illegibility, invisibility, and censorship as represented visually, textually, and politically.

Tactics of erasure can be used to uphold systems of oppression and colonization, but can also be counterpoints—artists can turn a subtractive act into an additive one, poke holes in the colonizer’s language and logic, and queer temporal spaces and histories. While the exhibition is informed by legacies of conceptual artists and poets beginning in the 1950s, it will feature works by contemporary artists of color, as well as queer, gender non-conforming, and trans artists working with issues of erasure across media. The exhibition will subvert expectations through the incorporation of sound, video, and performance as well as accessibility, camp, and cheek. 

Image: (detail) Oscar Muñoz, Re/trato, 2003, video