October Member Meetup: Game and Wine Night

Jake Cohn

Join Franklin Street Works in a fun game and wine night. We will be playing a headband guessing game, and our version of Youtube’s “Draw My Life.” For the first game, we will provide cards related to our current exhibition, “I Hear it Everywhere I Go.” Without looking at your card, you will be asked to put it on your forehead and other players will give you prompts to try to get you to guess what is on your head. Our version of “Draw my Life” will include having two minutes to draw who you are. This could be a self-portrait, a depiction of your identity and groups that you belong to, any way for you to convey who you are. After, you can choose to share your sketch with the group. Wine will be available for sale and, if you are a member, your first glass of wine is free. Members are welcome to bring a friend!