Kathryn Emmett

Kristina Bicher

Kathryn Emmett is the founder and Board President of Franklin Street Works.  She has resided in Stamford since 1976 and is involved in a number of community activities in Stamford.  At Franklin Street Works, she envisioned creating a space for interaction and engagement with contemporary art. Kathy is a partner in the law firm of Emmett & Glander, also located on Franklin Street, and practices in the areas of employment law, civil rights and personal injury litigation. Throughout her forty-two year career, Emmett has litigated a number of important civil rights and groundbreaking cases for women and other disadvantaged clients. She is a graduate of Harvard College and Yale Law School.  Before founding Emmett & Glander in 1990, Ms. Emmett was a Visiting Scholar at the Yale Law School, and served as Judge of the Connecticut Superior Court where she was assigned as the Presiding Judge of Civil, as well as Criminal, in the Stamford/Norwalk Judicial District.