The Excess project comes to Stamford

Terri Smith

June 15, 6:00 PM–8:00 PM

“Excess” performance by Brooke Singer and Ricardo Miranda will take place

Saturday, June 15 from 3-6pm in Stamford Downtown. The performance will be followed by a Picnic from 6-8pm at Franklin Street Works.

Artists Ricardo Miranda and Brooke Singer will conduct a survey of restaurants in downtown Stamford to learn more about the food waste landscape. This information will be mapped and will be displayed along with their composting bicycle in a downtown storefront window. During Stamford’s art walk on June 15, the artist team will cycle around downtown Stamford on the bicycle, collecting waste from businesses, redistributing edible portions at a free public picnic at Franklin Street Works, and composting the remainder. For more on the Excess project visit This programming will be happening during Stamford’s first art walk!