Opening Reception for The Work of Love, The Queer of Labor

Kristina Bicher

May 20, 8:00 PM–6:00 PM

VIP members: 5:00-6:00pm

In exhibition “The Work of Love, The Queer of Labor”, queerness is discussed through the lens of class and vice versa. Selected artists’ works in the proposed project represent a desire for liberation through critically engaged connections between class, gender and sexuality. LGBTQ identities are reviewed from the class perspective in order to re-discover political potentialities within a counter cultural paradigm of queerness. While exploring queerness through the relationship with class, the exhibition interrogates the possibility of love in a class-based society, in which the difference between work, as a productive force in capitalist economy, and labor, as a condition of biological life, is almost gone. Artists’ creative work, once avant-garde and independent, became alienated and inseparable from market economy. Likewise, love and sexuality became abstracted from the site of their enactment. Will queer activities, which are driven by “true desire,” not norms, restore love and produce new relationships between people based on equalities to all forms of love and labor? Artists who present their works in the exhibition extend this desire to all people. The struggle for queer rights is all our struggle! Exhibiting Artists Include: Yes! Association, Erik Moskowitz/Amanda Trager, Hagra, Noam Gonick, William E. Jones, Angela Beallor, and Jaanus Samma. The exhibition will consist of drawings, video, installations, and film projections. Franklin Street Works plans to collaborate with the Avon Theatre to screen Wu Tsang’s documentary ‘Wildness.”