Tatyana Tenenbaum and Claudia La Rocco Performances

Terri Smith

June 27, 7:00 PM–8:30 PM

As part of the exhibition “Showing the Work,” curated by Sarah Fritchey, Franklin Street Works is presenting two free, public performances on Friday, June 27, featuring by Tatyana Tenenbaum and Claudia Rocco.

Friday, June 27 at 7:15pm, Tatyana and Ezra Tenenbaum perform “Prologue” from Private Country

“Prologue” from Private Country is a duet created over the course of 2 1/2 years by siblings Ezra and Tatyana Tenenbaum.  The 14-minute was the result of embodied research into the continuum between spoken word and pitched singing. The duet also serves as an overture or entr-acteto the evening length work Private Country, which Tatyana Tenenbaum describes as “a re-construction of American musical theater through my subjective memory, history and aesthetic desires.” For more on Tenenbaum, click HERE.

Friday, June 27 at 8:15pm, Claudia La Rocco performs “I just need one word and I can tell you everything”

“Your hands are in fists, clenching; you are up on relevé with one foot in front and your flat back slides over an invisible horizontal plane. Don’t think about disaster. Don’t think about what his hands felt like against your thighs.”  I just need one word and I can tell you everything attempts to map the collision of internal and external realities. This is a solo performance in language, in which the body of the performer is rendered only through text. Running Time roughly 25 minutes.